Author: Steely

  • Say hello 👋 to your Inner Thighs core team for 2023

    The thighs core team (AKA Inner Thighs) are the wonderful, compassionate, sleep deprived volunteers dedicating a month of their summer to holding this madcap voyage of adventure together. You’re gonna love meeting them/us! Glasgow to Milan Annie (Glasgow to Paris) joined thighs in 2017 after volunteering with Khora in Athens and she’s done pretty much […]

  • Ideas & Tips for Fundraising

    We know that fundraising can be daunting and challenging at times… HAVE NO FEAR, THE IDEAS ARE HERE!

  • Covid + Insurance

    Unfortunately, Covid cases are rising steeply in both the UK and Europe. Booooooo… Sorry if this is all a bit doom and gloom, but because of the close-knit and physical nature of Thighs, we’ve got to do all we can to look after each other – and the communities we’re cycling through. So here’s our […]

  • Buying Cycle Travel Insurance + Discounts

    Cycling and adventuring – especially in an unfamiliar country – is actually pretty dangerous. Lots of bad things can happen. Some of these bad things can be expensive. To prevent you from ending up in a paupers prison for the rest of your days, we recommend that you purchase appropriate travel insurance. Your insurance needs […]

  • Cycling FAQs

    What’s our daily schedule like? Read all about the chaos and joy here: Thighs Life What clothes / shoes do I need? The short answer: comfortable ones that you’ve tried and tested. The long answer: Bike & Clothes Kit What will we be carrying on our bikes? Your own snacks, waterproof layer, spare inner tubes, water […]

  • How to raffle

    A step-by-step guide to setting up your own raffle, a versatile fundraising device that can be used at social, work and community events – and even online.

  • Thinking about your fundraising message

    It’s important to think carefully about the way you present your fundraising so that it reflects shared values of inclusivity, solidarity and empowerment.

  • We 💚 STATS

    Since 2016… The Thighs of Steel fam has cycled about 48,000 miles (77,000km) 30,000 miles of this total was during Covid lockdown of 2020, when we cycled Around The World with Choose Love. The other 18,000 miles comes from our five rides to Athens (2016-2019 and 2022) 490 wonderful Thighsers have cycled with us so […]

  • Streeeetching for Cyclists

    If you ask someone to do an hour of stretching, they’ll do none. It’s amazing what you can get done in 2 minutes. Yes mate. Check out this 5 minute video for a few really neat conditioning stretches that’ll help you both prepare and recover from long bike rides. Definitely something to add to your […]

  • 1. Bike & Kit Intro

    On a multi-day bike adventure like Thighs, having the right stuff (or avoiding the wrong stuff) gives you the best chance of staying safe and enjoying the ride.