Buying Cycle Travel Insurance + Discounts

Cycling and adventuring – especially in an unfamiliar country – is actually pretty dangerous. Lots of bad things can happen. Some of these bad things can be expensive.

To prevent you from ending up in a paupers prison for the rest of your days, we recommend that you purchase appropriate travel insurance.

Your insurance needs to cover:

  • An organised cycle tour (some don’t allow organised events)
  • For 7 consecutive days (some only allow up to 3 consecutive days)
  • All hospitals / healthcare (the EHIC / GHIC only includes state healthcare)
  • All the countries you’ll be going through

Excitingly, we can offer you a 10% discount thanks to our partnership with Yellow Jersey, a cycling-specific insurer who ticks all those boxes.

Please email us to get the discount code (we can’t publish it publicly!)

Bike Insurance Discounts with Laka or Yellow Jersey

Bike insurance is insurance for your bike (duh) in case it gets damaged, stolen or whatever.

This isn’t essential for the trip, but gives you peace of mind as we can accept no liability for any theft or loss of personal possessions, including your beloved bike.

Laka are a bike insurance cooperative and their annual policy costs about £5 per month for a £500 bike. Use this link to get £25 free Laka credit (David gets the same every time you use it – good karma!)

On the ride in 2022, David’s Wahoo GPS screen smashed on the ground and Laka ordered a replacement while he ate cheese on toast at a cafe. Impressive!

Yellow Jersey also do bike insurance so make sure you email us for that 10% discount.

Phew – covered!