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  • Covid + Insurance

    Unfortunately, Covid cases are rising steeply in both the UK and Europe. Booooooo… Sorry if this is all a bit doom and gloom, but because of the close-knit and physical nature of Thighs, we’ve got to do all we can to look after each other – and the communities we’re cycling through. So here’s our […]

  • Buying Cycle Travel Insurance + Discounts

    Cycling and adventuring – especially in an unfamiliar country – is actually pretty dangerous. Lots of bad things can happen. Some of these bad things can be expensive. To prevent you from ending up in a paupers prison for the rest of your days, we recommend that you purchase appropriate travel insurance. Your insurance needs […]

  • Getting your bike across the Channel

    Getting your bike across the Channel

    Current fastest and cheapest option: Train + Ferry + Train

  • Great bike bags for train travel

    Great bike bags for train travel

    If you’re on a fast train in Europe, you’ll probably need a bike bag. Here are a couple that are foldable and cheap!