Category: Bike & Kit Guide

  • 1. Bike & Kit Intro

    On a multi-day bike adventure like Thighs, having the right stuff (or avoiding the wrong stuff) gives you the best chance of staying safe and enjoying the ride.

  • 7. Camping gear you *MUST* bring

    We like to travel light. So think carefully before packing and maybe leave that kitchen sink behind.

  • 6. Bike Kit & Clothes You *MUST* Bring

    The cycling industry does a good job of creating more and more products, all described as ‘essential’. More than likely, you don’t need them. However some bits really are worth thinking about investing in.

  • 4. Get your bike in good working order

    Unless you’re a mechanic, we highly recommend that you get your bike serviced at a reputable local bike shop before the ride. Some problems are hard to spot until you take the bike apart.

  • 5. The Great Tyre Secret (Shhh… You Might Go Too Fast)

    As all cycle nerds know, getting good tyres saves you money in the long term.

  • 3. Gears, glorious gears!

    Your bike needs gears for getting up the hills.

  • 2. What kind of bike? Does it fit? + Saddle chat

    What kind of bike do I need? Excellent Choices Road bike Touring bike Good Choices Hybrid Cyclo-cross Non-suspension mountain bike with road bike tyres Bad Choices Dutch city bike Any other mountain bike Folding bike Fixed Gear / Single Speed / Track bike E-bike (you won’t be able to charge it) Triathlon bike Unicycle Penny-farthing […]