Covid + Insurance

Unfortunately, Covid cases are rising steeply in both the UK and Europe. Booooooo…

Sorry if this is all a bit doom and gloom, but because of the close-knit and physical nature of Thighs, we’ve got to do all we can to look after each other – and the communities we’re cycling through.

So here’s our plan and what we’re asking you to do both before and during the ride.

48h Before You Join The Ride…

… Take a Covid test.

You can get a cheap lateral flow test from pharmacies and supermarkets (£2 at Boots).

If you test negative – all good!

If you test positive…

… do not come on the ride.

Even if you feel totally fine, we do naaaaaat want to bring a highly infectious disease into the group and certainly not into the communities that we’ll be cycling through. That’s just bad manners.

Quite apart from that, this is a physical challenge and intense exercise immediately after infection is just a bad idea, especially with the risk of long Covid.

If you get Covid during the ride…

… We will ask you to leave the ride at the earliest possible opportunity.

This is to protect the other cyclists and core team.

If we’re in the middle of nowhere, we will help you isolate from the rest of the group as much as possible and work out a plan to get you to somewhere you can rest and recover properly.

If you have to stay at home or leave the ride early… 🙁

First, this is what our legal-eagle Terms & Conditions say:

  • If Thighs of Steel cancel any part of your trip, we will offer you a refund for the bit we’ve cancelled
  • However, if the ride goes ahead as planned but you have to stay at home or leave the ride due to Covid (or any other reason), then we cannot offer any refund

This is why we STRONGLY recommend you get travel insurance.

Check your policy carefully, but good travel insurance WILL cover you for:

  • Cancellation costs if you get Covid before the ride, including your unused travel and accommodation costs and your ride signup fee
  • Travel costs to get home if you get Covid during the ride and you’re unable to use your original return tickets, either because you have to go home early or because you have to stay longer due to Covid
  • Quarantine accommodation costs if you’re stopped from returning home (by officials at the airport / train station) due to Covid symptoms

10% off Yellow Jersey travel insurance…

… For our peace of mind as much as yours!

Yellow Jersey cycle travel insurance includes this level of Covid cover (and much else besides!)

To get your 10% discount:

All done?

Phew. Great.

If you have any questions, get in touch by email or Whatsapp – and let’s have a safe summer!