Ideas & Tips for Fundraising

We know that fundraising can be daunting and challenging at times…


Firstly, whatever you do, don’t overlook the power of a donations bucket. Set one up at work, in your local pub, down the leisure centre – wherever you go, other people go. Put a sticker on the side explaining what you’re doing.

Raffles! Rally together people you know and ask them to donate ‘prizes’. Ask your hairdresser to donate a free haircut. Ask any artists you know to donate a print or painting. Ask friends to donate books, records – anything that’s snazzy!

Raffles are so good because a) people LOVE them and b) you can integrate them into any social, work or community event – and even run them online over social media.

Raffles are SO effective that we’ve made a whole separate page telling you how to run them.

Make a funky donation box, with a description of what you’re doing and why. Put it in communal spaces or reception (with consent of course…)

Bike mechanic buddy? Bring them along to do lunch time bike fixing for a donation

Kick it old school and have a cake sale! Everyone loves cakes, so rally a few keen bakers together. Sell em’ throughout the day and – booooom – money raised!

Have a raffle at work (of course!) The prizes could be donated by other people at work or your friends – you’d be surprised what people have and are willing to offer!

Work or volunteer with local community groups? Together you could hold an event, a party, host a stall at a fair or throw a BIG dinner party open to the public

Part of a class? Collaborate with your yoga, tennis, ultimate frisbee or pilates teachers to have a fundraising session

Contact local bike shops to ask if their mechanics would be up for a DIY bike fixing session to raise money

Cluttered house? Hold a car boot sale with a sign saying where the proceeds going – spring clean fundraising! Two birds, one stone…

Auction of promises (sounds fancy, right?) Dream up a list of things you can offer in exchange for a donation. Think of your niche skills as well as your work trade, but don’t forget to include stuff like cleaning someone’s kitchen, weeding the garden, babysitting their children, helping with shopping or cooking them a meal. Very popular!

Dinner parties! Choose a date and location, invite your friends and cook a banging meal for a set price or donation. A dinner also gives you a chance to chat about the cause and have fun!

Use your local parks: these are big free spaces so organise a game of rounders, frisbee, football, etc. and ask for donations.

Dance party! Ask for a donation on the door or in advance, explain the cause, have a dance. Buy cheap booze so you can sell fancy-looking cocktails – you get the idea.

And, of course, combine all of the above with a donations bucket and a raffle for maximum money-gathering. We LOVE raffles!