All About Our Fundraising Partner – MASS Action

All About Our Fundraising Partner – MASS Action

Starting in 2022, our fundraising partners are MASS Action.

MASS Action are a registered charity (#1177804) that can raise funds in the UK on behalf of small-but-mighty grassroots projects that might not have capacity to set up as a charity and collect donations themselves. 


To support grassroots projects that provide dignified and sustainable initiatives for migrants and asylum seekers.

To increase awareness of the social, economic, political and ecological factors which cause migration thereby challenging negative public perceptions on the movement of people.

MASS Action

Who Do MASS Action Fund?

MASS Action have an open grant-making process and invite funding applications from any and all eligible projects.

But here are some of the projects that they have funded recently:

Khora Athens

Community spaces supporting displaced people in Athens

Khora Athens

Thighs of Steel was originally set up to support Khora and, since 2016, our cyclists have helped raise over £270,000 to keep the lights on at this popular volunteer-led community.

We are proud of our association with Khora and part of whatever Thighs cyclists manage to fundraise this year will help the community keep going for another year.

Services at Khora include:

Freeshop providing access to clothing and shoes, as well as essential basic toiletries, and blankets. Their vision is to move away from dehumanising distribution queues, instead allowing people a dignified free shopping experience, where they can choose items of clothing that both fit them and express their identity. In October 2019 the shop gave out almost 13,000 items.

Khora Asylum Support Team are a team of volunteer caseworkers and interpreters who aim to fill the gap in information sharing and advocacy in Athens. They offer information and support to people navigating the asylum process, by helping them access other services, accompanying them to asylum and hospital appointments, and arranging appointments with qualified lawyers. In October 2019 Khora’s Asylum Support Team saw 80 people.

Khora Kitchen is a community cafe that provides people with a space to eat, build support networks, drink hot, sweet tea and relax. During the pandemic the need for food rose sharply, so Khora created a food delivery service (with the Athens Food Collective) and increased their daily meals from 500 to 2500.

Chamomile Housing Project

Chamomile work to provide holistic support to displaced people with mental health challenges.

Chamomile ensures residents’ continued autonomy and psycho-social wellbeing even after they leave the project. This means providing the physical space of an apartment, taking care of material needs but also offering trained support staff, workshops and information about a wide range of everyday issues and interests, building a community.

In 2022, a MASS grant funds cultural mediation between 3 languages for 6 months of Chamomile’s Bridge Programme – a crucial transitional period of partial support, working towards independence.


Bahar is a non-hierarchical collective that supports community projects led by people who have experienced displacement.

Primarily based in Athens, Bahar supports a range of projects directed by and for the communities they work with. Anyone can submit a project proposal, access support from other members, and Bahar provides the budget.

In 2022, a MASS grant supports the running costs of current activities (such as language classes or the drama club), helps set up new activities like a photography class, and subsidises transportation costs for project leaders living in camps.

Other Projects

See Projects for information on other organisations that MASS Action have funded in the past – and look out for new grant announcements on Instagram.

How Do MASS Action Work?

MASS Action are a non-hierarchical and volunteer-run organisation.

Unlike large INGOs, at MASS Action our operating costs and overheads are very low, meaning more funds can go directly to projects on the ground.

MASS Action

Furthermore, their volunteers are all people who have been or are currently still working on the ground with various refugee projects.

In fact, MASS was set up by nine Khora Athens volunteers, including some of the same people who set up Thighs of Steel. 

MASS, Thighs and Khora are sisters. 🥰

MASS Action’s grant-making process begins with an ‘open call’, where any projects that meet their funding criteria can apply for money.

This is followed by a careful, needs-based decision-making process and, for successful applicants, detailed accountability and reporting.

If you’re interested, we heartily recommend reading MASS Action’s about page for the whole story on how they work. (And they’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in getting involved in some way…)

MASS Action Print Out Pamphlet

MASS Action produced the following pamphlet that you can download and share or print out: